NORMAN | 3-piece bridal couture ensemble – Karin Rom



Let's find your Dress
I am here to help you to find or design the Wedding Dress that best represents your personality and wishes. You are welcome for a personal fitting appointment in my studio in Amstelveen. 

NORMAN is a 3-piece satin bridal ensemble that is sophisticated, elegant, and clean. NORMAN features a deep, minimalistic corset, which is paired with a form-fitting skirt. The soft folds in the skirt allow for movement and some eye-catching details. The look is completed with a short tailored jacket, and seductive buttons down the back and on the sleeves. NORMAN can also be paired with a tea-length bias-cut skirt, for a more conservative style.

The dress will be made by your precise measurements. Karin will take your measurements in the studio, or guide you in case of an online purchase. 


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