About Karin Rom

About Karin Rom

Dive into Your Story: Your Dream Dress Starts with Karin Rom

Forget the "almost-right" and embrace your "ever after." At Karin Rom, we say goodbye to standard bridal experiences and welcome you to a journey where your unique story weaves into the best dress you'll ever wear.

My passion? Crafting personalized couture wedding gowns that tell your story, not someone else's. It all began 12 years ago, designing ready to wear dresses for boutiques. While I enjoyed it, there was a spark missing. Clients requesting custom pieces ignited a passion for personalization. Witnessing the joy of a dress designed just for them, perfectly reflecting their personality and wishes, was truly magical.

This passion led me to specialize in couture wedding dresses, understanding that every bride deserves a unique story woven into their gown. As a designer, I become your partner, listening carefully to your dreams and translating them into breathtaking reality. Through years of experience, I've learned the importance of collaboration. My elite team of pattern makers and seamstresses, each with over 25 years of experience, meticulously crafts each gown to your exact measurements, body shape, and desires.  

Why Karin Rom?  

  • Because you're a modern bride embracing change. We celebrate your individuality with unconventional ideas and a dress that reflects your true self. 
  • Because every detail matters. We obsess over quality, comfort, and timeless elegance, ensuring your dress becomes a cherished heirloom. 
  • Because you deserve the best. Experience the best wedding dress shopping experience, personalized to your vision and desires.  

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Schedule an appointment with me today and let's turn your dream dress into a reality.


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