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Co-create your wedding gown

Karin Rom Bridal Co creating your bespoke wedding gown

It’s Your Day, So Make it Yours: Co-Create Your Dream Dress with Karin Rom

Achieve your dream vision for your special day together with Karin Rom. We specialize in creating bespoke wedding dresses and have already helped dozens of brides looking to take part in a more hands-on design process. Karin Rom leads the way for you to co-create a unique, deeply personal, and ravishing bridal gown to wear on your special day.

Are You Our Next Co-Creating Bride?

The co-creation process could be the answer you’ve been looking for, if:

You have a dream dress in mind but can’t find it anywhere else.

You’re passionate about walking down the aisle in an original piece, and not in a design that already exists. 

You love different elements and would like to combine these into a unique wedding dress.

Six Steps of Co-Creating


We know that designing a bridal dress from scratch can feel intimidating, but we are here for you completely. Bring yourself, your ideas and your inspirations, and Karin Rom will bring these into the design, the craftsmanship and the details, ensuring that your motivations are manifested in the spirit of the brand. 


After you’ve booked an appointment, you will receive an email requesting to share your mood-board with us (if you’d like) based on your style and tastes. Tell us what you like or what is important for you so we can learn about your personal preferences ahead of the meeting.


Our meeting will begin with a short conversation about your big day and expectations. If you’ve prepared a mood-board, we will go through it together. Then you will try on some of our exclusive dresses so that we better understand your style and body shape. This will also help you experience different fabrics and colors. Once we understand the direction of your dream dress, we will start “freestyling” by cutting sample fabrics and modeling them on you. By the end of the meeting, we will sketch a design that includes the details we discussed. 


Once you Say Yes To The Dress, we will send you an email with the sketch, a summary of our appointment and the expected plan.


Every bride is unique, so every dress requires its own plan. Generally, the planning, fitting and customization of the dress will require 3-5 meetings. Each meeting will bring you closer to realizing your bridal dress dream!


The price of the dress is determined by your choice of fabrics, the silhouette, and required craftsmanship. The price of a co-created wedding dress starts at €2.400. Most of the co-created wedding dresses cost between €2.500 and €5.500.

Co-creating a custom-made bridal dress is a special gift for yourself to honor your wedding celebration. Karin Rom will gladly help you realize your vision, leading you through every step of the way. Start this exciting journey by securing your exclusive appoinment.


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